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The animals on planet Earth are tremendously concerned about global warming. But the main responsible for this, homo sapiens, does not seem to be interested in doing anything to prevent it.

The most affected areas are the North Pole and the South Pole. Miles of ice have melted, and the survival of the inhabitants of these two regions is in grave danger.

For this reason, a secret summit is held in neutral territory: The Equator Line. In it, delegations from all species in the world participate, and it is decided that two animals (a representative from each pole) will be designated to carry out a series of high-risk missions. The objective: Reduce pollution and stop global warming.

This is how Black (a cunning penguin from the South Pole) and White (a big and strong bear from the North Pole) end up under the orders of the seal Grey.

In their hands (or paws... or flippers!) is the future of the poles... and of the entire planet!

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Entertain and raise awareness among children about global warming, the environment, and a sustainable lifestyle: these are the goals of ICE COPS, a series that will explain climate change and other environmental problems from the perspective of the most affected animals.

In each episode, the protagonists will receive a mission with clear environmental content. After trying to solve it through unorthodox methods (usually, the bear's force or the penguin's strategy), our heroes will realize that the best way to solve the problem is to raise awareness among the population and spread the ecological message to all corners of the planet, solving the conflict together.

In ICE COPS, global warming will not be the only topic of discussion. Each episode will focus on a different ecological theme: River pollution, greenhouse effect, use of fossil fuels, coastal destruction... Although each chapter is self-contained, the impact that each of these factors has on the global phenomenon of climate change will not be overlooked.


Somewhat mischievous and loose-tongued, Black and White form a pair with great comedic and irresistible dynamic. As in the best tradition of "buddy series", these two agents have a relationship full of chemistry.... And conflicts.

The situation does not improve when the third member of the Ice Cops, the seal Grey, is added to the equation adding fuel to the fire in this absolutely explosive triangle.

They are three strong personalities who often clash with each other, sparking. Fortunately, they will be able to put aside their differences when it comes to defending a fair cause.

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BLACK: The Witty Penguin

BLACK is agile and cunning, a mix between the leader of the penguins of Madagascar and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible. He is the brains of the group, not so much by his own merits but due to the shortcomings of his partner. Black spends the day arguing with the bear White, but he doesn't always win due to the size difference between the two.

Somewhat grumpy and cantankerous, he usually faces each job complaining and grumbling, but when it suits him, he knows how to be diplomatic, exquisite and charming. His best weapon is sarcasm, which he uses to attack the bear without the latter realizing it, but also to argue with the seal Grey in incredible verbal sword duels.

Apparently clumsy when walking, in reality he is very agile and elusive. His flippers are registered weapons with the FBI and his speed in the water or on any slippery surface is well known to Doctor Fossil and his robots.

Inadequate by nature for flying, he does not feel comfortable with this element even when Grey forces him to travel through the air with gliders, propellers or other technological shenanigans.

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WHITE: The Burly Bear

WHITE is big, very big. He is not afraid of anything and is endowed with enormous raw strength, his preferred way of resolving things. White has trouble understanding the details of each mission and always gets lost in the complicated explanations of the computer seal Grey. If it were up to him, he would solve everything with punches. Fortunately, Black is there to try to put on the brakes. One might think that White is not intelligent, but, in reality, his problem is that he is not used to subtleties and loses patience very easily. He is excessive in all aspects.

White is lazy by nature, and would prefer long naps interspersed with tasty snacks rather than action, but when he gets going he is unstoppable. His fists, hard as rocks, leave no escape for Mr. Fossil's robots and, although he denies it, a good fight relaxes and entertains him.

Voluminous, clumsy and with an insatiable hunger, he sometimes solves problems... by eating them! In fact, instead of a gun, there is always some food in his holster. But the mission will always be above his voracious appetite, and in key moments the big heart of this big clumsiness prevails but effective.

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GREY: The Computer Seal

GREY is a computer seal (like "Q" in James Bond) with many functions: data analyst, responsible for communicating with agents on missions, and creator of the technological devices that Black and White will use... Some gadgets that frequently fail. At the beginning of each episode, she will explain the mission that Black and White must carry out to them, illustrating it with examples and real data about the environmental problem of the chapter.

Ironic and knowledgeable, Grey does not get along well with the two protagonists. She is more concerned with the success of the missions than with their safety, and treats them as numbers in a statistic. Black can't stand this attitude and attacks her with sarcastic comments, but when it comes to sarcasm, she wins by a landslide. White often does not understand Grey's explanations, and being seals a potential food for bears, often threatens to eat her.

Excessively meticulous, Grey is very attentive to the budget, especially when it comes to security. She will save even at the cost of Black and White's safety. A true defender of the environment, she is the one who motivates "her" Ice Cops to carry out the missions, and she will never let them lack her support when "correcting" the plan of the current mission.


In ICE COPS, all the anti-ecological practices that are leading our planet to collapse are perpetrated symbolically by the same responsible party: the multinational PROFIT CORPORATION, an unscrupulous company whose only objective is the enrichment of its shareholders and its president.

The Profit carries out multiple activities, but always with a common denominator: the overexploitation and destruction of the Earth's natural resources for maximum benefit.

The person in charge of running the company is Doctor Fossil, a merciless and calculating villain who has at his command a whole army of robots (because these do not have conscience problems but, above all, they do not charge for their work!).

Cassandra, Fossil's first and most successful creation, is his maintenance robot. Unlike Fossil's other robots, she has a sense of self and is not exactly thrilled to work for her "beloved creator".

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