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All of the planet’s animals are tremendously concerned about global warming. However, the animal responsible for climate change, homo sapiens, does nothing to prevent it and sometimes even pretends that the problem does not exist.

The areas of earth most affected by climate change are the North Pole and the South Pole. For years, the temperature in these areas has been rising amid general indifference. Kilometers of ice have melted, and the survival of these two regions' survival, located in the antipodes, is now in grave danger.

For this reason, a secret summit is held on neutral ground, the equator line. Involved in the meeting are delegations representing all species of the North Pole and the South Pole.

It is decided that a representative of each pole, selected from among the most fearless and courageous animals, will be appointed to carry out a series of high-risk missions. The goal? To reduce pollution and curb global warming.

The South Pole selects a cunning penguin. The North Pole selects a big, strong bear.

In their hands (or legs... or wings!) is the salvation of both North and South poles... and the whole planet!


The goal is to entertain, amuse, and raise children's awareness of global warming, environmental protection, and the habits that lead to a sustainable lifestyle.

These are the objectives of ICE COPS, a series that will explain climate change and other environmental problems (ocean pollution, habitat overexploitation, species extinction, deforestation, etc.) from the perspective of the most threatened animals.

It will educate with an authoritative tone, but above all, with stimulating and fun language that has been adapted to child audiences and their particular worldview.

In each episode of ICE COPS, the two protagonists will be assigned a mission related to the environment. After trying to carry it out by unorthodox methods (usually the strength of the bear or some cutting penguin ploy), our heroes will realize that the best way to solve the problem is to raise awareness and spread the environmental message to all corners of the planet.

Ice COPS will not only talk about global warming. Climate change is the backbone of the whole series since it represents the consequences of anti-ecological behaviour, but global warming is only the final effect of a series of causes and problems that will be analyzed, dissected, and illustrated in an ironic but also educational way, using language that is understandable and attractive for children.

Therefore, each episode will focus on a different ecological theme, such as river pollution, the greenhouse effect, the use of fossil fuels, and the destruction of coastlines.

Although each chapter is independent, the common thread will be the impact that each of these factors has on climate change.


The two main characters are very cool, wear sunglasses (to protect themselves from excessive sunlight), and are very different from each other, giving the duo great comic potential and irresistible dynamics. One is somewhat hooligan and hairy; the other is intelligent and insightful. Kind of “Bud Spencer and Terence Hill meet Starsky and Hutch”.

The penguin: Black

He is agile and cunning. He’s halfway between the penguin leader of the Madagascar movie and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible.

Without a doubt, he is the brains of the group, not so much because of his own merits, but because of the shortcomings of his partner. Black spends the day arguing with White Bear, but because of the size difference between the two, he doesn’t always get away with it. A little grumpy and scrawny, Penguin Black often approaches every job with a complaining and grumbling tone, but when things get ugly, he gives everything to ensure the mission is successful.

Despite his perpetual bad mood, he is a true public relations champion: when it suits him, he knows how to be diplomatic, exquisite, and seductive. His best weapon is sarcasm, which he uses to attack the oblivious bear and argue with Seal Grey in verbal fencing duels.

The polar bear: White

He is extremely large. He's not afraid of anything and is endowed with enormous strength. He is not exactly the King of diplomacy, and often resolves situations using brute force. White has a hard time understanding the details of each mission and is always lost when F is explaining his complicated computer operations.

If it were up to him, he would resolve everything with punches. Fortunately, the Black penguin is by his side to prevent this, though sometimes with little success. You might think White is unintelligent, but, in reality, his problem is that he's not used to subtleties and loses patience with extreme ease. He’s excessive in every respect of his character. Voluminous, clumsy, and insatiably hungry, he wants to solve problems by... eating them! But the goal of each mission will always be more important than his voracious appetite, and at key moments, the great heart of this somewhat clumsy but always effective big guy is what prevails.

The Seal: Grey

Completing the "Ice Cops" team is GREY, a computer seal that performs several functions.

She is a data analyst and in charge of communicating with agents when they go out into the field. She also builds sophisticated technological devices to help our protagonists complete their missions. Unfortunately, these pieces of junk never work quite as intended.

At the beginning of each episode, Grey explains to Black and White the mission they must carry out and why, using real examples and data related to the environmental problem of the chapter. She also proposes a mission plan that has, shall we say, uncertain results for White and Black. Ironic, wise, and sometimes too loquacious, Grey does not get along with the two protagonists. She is more concerned with the success of the mission than the personal safety of our agents, whom she treats as sacrificial pieces. To Grey, they are simply numbers in a statistic.

Black can't stand this attitude and attacks her with sarcastic commentary. But when it comes to sarcasm, Grey wins by a landslide. White, on the other hand, does not understand her explanations and, seals being part of a polar bear's diet, often threatens to eat her.

The bad guy: Doctor Grease

At ICE COPS, the anti-ecological practices that lead to environmental destruction are symbolically perpetrated by the same culprit: the multinational PROFIT CORPORATION, an evil company whose sole purpose is to enrich its shareholders and its president. They generate profit in various ways, but there’s always an underlying common denominator: overexploitation and destruction of earth's natural resources for maximum benefit.

The one in charge of running the company is Dr. Grease, a ruthless and calculating villain who oversees an entire army of robots (because they have no conscience but, above all, do not charge for their work!). With the help of his main collaborator and right-hand man (an apathetic robot who shows no enthusiasm, even in his wickedness), each episode sees Doctor

Grease devise an ingenious and evil method of enriching himself by destroying nature.

When our protagonists threaten their plans, they won't hesitate to use their fearsome robots against them to protect their interests.

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